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Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous AA: Including both Quitting and Moderating Drinking

If you’re having the thought that you want to get sober and want to know how to get clean, there’s probably already an underlying motivation. Drinking alcohol can create problems in every area of life, including your physical health, mental health, social life, work-life, and overall wellbeing. Make a list of the ways drinking has negatively impacted your life. You may want to reflect on this list when you feel cravings to drink. Acknowledging and celebrating the hard work of recovery is helpful for keeping you motivated and reminding you why you took this brave step toward sobriety in the first place.

Can You Stay Sober Without AA?

Although these new activities are healthy and productive, they can be a stumbling block to lasting recovery if they become a transfer addiction to fill the void left by the original addiction. Once you do return to work, it’s important to create a budget and take steps to safeguard yourself as work stress can be a relapse trigger. Financial troubles and problems finding and keeping employment are major triggers for relapse, but it is possible to take baby steps and get your finances in order. Just keep in mind that your improvements won’t happen overnight.

Alcoholics Anonymous vs. Other Approaches: The Evidence Is Now In (Published 2020) – The New York Times

Alcoholics Anonymous vs. Other Approaches: The Evidence Is Now In (Published .

Posted: Wed, 11 Mar 2020 07:00:00 GMT [source]

So to answer the question – how do we feel about AA?

It’s important to have some good excuses handy for these situations, some strategies for deflecting attention, and even an exit plan. For those who quit cold turkey (i.e., abruptly), some medications can help manage withdrawal symptoms. However, none of these treatments actually cure withdrawal—you still essentially have to wait it out. And some of these medications can be dangerous or addictive on their own.

getting sober without aa

Moderation Management

Instead, MM focuses on helping people to manage problematic drinking and behaviors that are destructive, aiding in encouraging positive lifestyle changes. MM is a peer-support program that acknowledges that behaviors are changeable, and that alcohol abuse (which differs from dependence) is a habit that can be altered. Peer support is a big part of LifeRing recovery programs, as individuals share advice with other members, and offer support and encouragement in recovery.

Because r/stopdrinking is public, you can read its discussions without commenting or even creating a Reddit account. When you drink alcohol, your brain releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals. These endorphins are responsible for the pleasurable, buzzed feeling you get from alcohol. Remember that everyone’s path to sobriety is unique and it’s important to find what works best for you.

  • Learn more about our approach, or get started with us today.
  • Part of the art of staying sober (or moderate) long-term is knowing what these triggers are, and how to manage them.
  • Looking back, I do see all the signs and can finally admit that I am and will always be an alcoholic.
  • If you or someone close to you is battling with addiction but isn’t interested in AA, there are other potential solutions that can help them reach a successful recovery.
  • If you were active in your addiction for a period of time, you may have developed financial problems.

Want to learn more?

  • We do not receive any compensation or commission for referrals to other treatment facilities.
  • No feat is too small; each step forward brings you closer to your goal.
  • It’s likely you’ll have to field offers from old drinking buddies, sometimes repetitively.
  • Professional counseling can be an effective treatment method for individuals with substance use disorder.
  • Getting sober is a remarkable achievement that can improve your life.
  • Some meetings are also held via phone conferences and online chat meeting rooms (e.g., Zoom meetings).

There are many ways you can recover from your drinking problem. However, there are individuals who lack faith is this 12 step program which seeks to unite former alcoholics in the journey to recovery. I’m into multiple pathways to recovery, harm reduction, alternative getting sober without aa health & personal growth — and loud, raw, noisy guitars. Celebrate every milestone and achievement, no matter how small they may seem. Rewarding yourself for staying sober positively reinforces your behavior and encourages you to continue on the path to sobriety.

Ultimately, the best way to stay safe, as noted above, is to speak with a medical professional before you quit. They can help you assess your individual risk, and whether you need to attend an alcohol detox facility in person. While it has taken some time to catch on, anti-craving medication is an increasingly popular way to treat alcohol use disorder.

  • To sum up, incorporating these self-help strategies alongside professional guidance enhances chances of successful rehabilitation from addiction.
  • From housemates or family members who drink, to your daily after-work routines, sometimes your home life is so full of drinking triggers that it feels impossible to establish sobriety without leaving.
  • No, there are numerous alternatives to AA including self-help approaches, professional counseling, and medication-assisted treatment.
  • Further, many people struggle to view themselves as a person who would need the support of a rehab center, due to this same shame.
  • People in recovery can experience a lot of shame simply for having become addicted in the first place.
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